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MTR offers project-based scholarships (MA/PhD/PostDoc) for members of any school/department at BOUN, from now until at least May 2022, at 3500/4500/6000 TRY per month. MTR provides infrastructure and support in securing short-term training and conference funding. We support BAP projects at MA level (BOUN internal). Up to five BOUN researchers can join as local collaboratorsContinue reading “Join the project”

TALK: Antonia Krefeld-Schwalb

How to apply cognitive models to deliver externally valid descriptions of cognitive processes AK-S is a post-doctoral researcher at Columbia Business School. Her main research interest lies in understanding the fundamental cognitive processes of decision making, to understand observable and relevant phenomena outside of the lab. WED 25 FEB 6.00 pm TALK IS GIVEN VIAContinue reading “TALK: Antonia Krefeld-Schwalb”

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